Cerebri AI


Real real-time CX
Powering the personalized enterprise
From real-time data to insights to actions

CVX 3 will change the way you think about customer experience

…and what is possible when you see what real real-time can do to power your customer engagement and top-line revenues:

Analyzing customer journeys using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence leads to a dramatic increase in understanding customer behavior.

Real real-time CX means using advanced data engineering to process up to the second changes in generating customer journeys scored across all key performance indicators (KPIs), next best actions, and offers (NBAs and NBOs) in less than a second.

Digital commerce, support centers, connected vehicles, device telemetry, and IOT are ideal for the application of real real-time CX.

CVX 3 Value Proposition

CVX 3 is all about producing results – the best results that drive customer engagement
and top-line revenues. Cerebri AI has built ROI into the core DNA of CVX 3,
your next-generation CX platform available today:



CVX Low-Code Editor makes data intake easier than ever before



Real-real time means up-to-the-second changes in customer data get scored immediately



Score only those data changes that make a difference reduces cloud computing costs



Best-in-class CX and engagement models ( including customers and employees )


Cerebri Values

Patented measure of commitment to your brand, in local currency terms


Operations Research

Operations research based optimizing of costs / benefits for product selection, marketing programs, and NBAs /NBOs


Approchable AI

Approachable AI means everyone can use AI-enabled scores and metrics from sales and marketing to call center agents and in-store staff



Real-time quality monitoring of data and models with alerts to DevOps, DataOps and AIOps

The Platform

Cerebri AI CVX 3 is an end-to-end event-driven system that automates AI processes & reduces the time to get AI insights into production. Integrated low-code tools will allow flexibility to develop logic as business environments change.