FAANG vs. the Fortune 500 🥊

The digital fingerprints and footprints all of us create as we live our online lives are well-understood as major drivers of the Internet economy. Simply put, your data gets transformed into dollars as the collectors sell your profile to companies interested in acquiring more customers like you. This dynamic partly explains the $3 trillion market […]

Sticker Shock Comes to the Cloud ⛅

“Disruption” is among the most beloved of tech buzzwords, but in the case of cloud computing, the term is entirely appropriate. Our friends at Gartner foresee no slowdown in “cloud shift” — defined as the movement of IT spending from traditional (noncloud) markets to new, public cloud alternatives. Growing 16% annually, by 2022  the market […]

Separating Fact from Fiction in the AI Age

Earlier this week a London VC firm, MMC Ventures, released a report titled “The State of AI: Divergence 2019.” The document is 145 pages long and contains a wealth of fascinating insights about the adoption of artificial intelligence across Europe. The report attracted the attention of major media outlets, including the Financial Times, Forbes, The […]

Are We There Yet? How AI Transforms Customer Journeys into Real Results

In the realm of customer experience (CX, for the uninitiated), one of the hottest tools of the trade is the “customer journey.” In its most basic form, a customer journey is a record of all the various interactions an end-user has with a vendor, and encompasses both internal data (sales, marketing, service) and relevant external […]

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Big Data

Not so long ago, “big data” was the hottest buzzword in technology and every VP at a major enterprise jonesing to add an “S” to their title was racing to harness the mystical powers of massive yet supposedly manageable data sets. Armed with big data, no problem would prove insurmountable, all forecasts would be met, […]

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination. Customer Success is Both.

f you ask the Internet, noted American author Ralph Waldo Emerson is usually attributed as the source of the well-worn maxim that “life is a journey, not a destination.” One problem: Emerson never said that. While the provenance of that proverb remains murky, here are some notable authentic Emerson quotes along similar lines: “Do not […]

Raiders of the Lost Data

Briefly returning to the same hot dog stand from last week, after the Buddhist monk places his order he pays with a $20 bill. The vendor hands him his hot dog then turns away to help the next customer. The monk says, “Wait, where’s my change?” The vendor smiles and replies, “Change must come from […]

Weapons of Mass Disruption

Generally speaking, paradoxes are almost always worth a closer look. To wit: finding new customers today has never been easier, but retaining customers over the long run has never been harder. How did the time-honored rules of customer success become obsolete? Why do top-down marketing models based on demographics look more like dodo birds and […]

The Power of One

A Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog stand and says, “Make me one with everything.”  What does this classic one-liner have to do with customer success? The answer is found in the fundamental incompatibility of traditional sales and marketing models—top-down funnels—and the best way to build valuable, sustainable customer relationships, which is precisely […]

Customers and the S-Word

If committed customers are the lifeblood of all successful companies, and cultivating those individual relationships is a critical variable in corporate formulas for sustainable profitable growth, then why do big corporations tend to treat customers like faceless numbers? The obvious solution — building relationships one at time based on a deep understanding of that individual’s […]