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You Are Not a Number

The new science of customer experience

Welcome to the Future

Not only is artificial intelligence the hottest topic in technology today, but also it is probably the least understood (and, to a certain extent, even feared.) Given the rapidly evolving AI landscape and the potential for fundamental, systemic change, we see an opportunity to help demystify as well as evangelize the transformative power of AI in the enterprise. Welcome to the official blog of Cerebri AI. Please fasten your seat-belts …we are ready for takeoff!

Why Watch Watches?

The Latin phrase tempus fugit, or “time flies” in the most common English translation, has taken on new meaning in our hyper-connected lives where unfathomable

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Cerebri AI Periodic Table of Data Science

Mankind’s preference for patterns for enhanced cognition and retention of complex information finds the reasoning in everything. However, our reluctance in investing a great quantity of time

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The Enterprise Strikes Back

Not so long ago in a galaxy near you, the most successful companies applying advanced analytics to massive amounts of customer data were digital darlings

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Raiders of the Lost Data

Briefly returning to the same hot dog stand from last week, after the Buddhist monk places his order he pays with a $20 bill. The

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Weapons of Mass Disruption

Generally speaking, paradoxes are almost always worth a closer look. To wit: finding new customers today has never been easier, but retaining customers over the

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The Power of One

A Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog stand and says, “Make me one with everything.”  What does this classic one-liner have to do

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Customers and the S-Word

If committed customers are the lifeblood of all successful companies, and cultivating those individual relationships is a critical variable in corporate formulas for sustainable profitable

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