360 view of the customer step aside: it’s 365.

The concept of a holistic view of a customer has been around for a long time. From the moment you become aware of a brand, you are engaged in an experience through purchase to usage. Companies have described the complete lifecycle as a 360-degree view; online click, email, SMS, and customer survey as part of those interactions. The goal for many has been to create a complete view… but actions alone are not enough.

The essential feature in any intelligent model is time. Data scientists carefully craft predictive models against time to understand complex behaviors and affinity towards products and services with the likelihood that a potential customer may take a particular action. Understanding how to decompose time, 365 days a year, 24hours a day, for every action in real-time, and engineer the features essential to AI in the moments of truth, brings your business closer to continuous intelligence.

Move your thinking from 360 to 365.

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James Stojanov, VP Marketing Cerebri AI, james@cerebriai.com