Customers and the S-Word

If committed customers are the lifeblood of all successful companies, and cultivating those individual relationships is a critical variable in corporate formulas for sustainable profitable growth, then why do big corporations tend to treat customers like faceless numbers?

The obvious solution — building relationships one at time based on a deep understanding of that individual’s present situation and past experiences with the product/service that anticipates their future needs — may work for a smaller business, but for a major B2C enterprise or financial services institution with millions of customers, that approach usually flops due to the dreaded S-word: it doesn’t scale.

Traditional customer engagement models are top-down, not because the smartest people thought it was the best way, but because there was no other way. Until now.

Cerebri Values™ our newly-launched product, uses trillions of machine-learning calculations to reveal the real people behind the numbers, one customer journey at a time. This is old-school clienteling powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. And it scales.