Saving Data Engineering Time And Money With CVX3

Over the past 3 years, businesses have seen a significant commitment to digitization, real-time customer intelligence, and actions.  Autonomous vehicles, IoT devices, mobile and social commerce have drawn customers into hyper-personalized experiences utilizing time-series such as customer journeys, employee journeys, and vehicle telemetry.

Constructing, maintaining, and utilizing large, disparate sums of data in the past would have been complex and expensive, but luckily for there are new capabilities such as CVX 3 that make that process easier, scalable and more cost effective.

A Few Key Points About Data Engineering With CVX 3:

CVX 3 is a low-code data engineering system that changes the way you look at Data Engineering:

  1. 1. up to 75% reduction in processing costs of any data time series: customer journeys, employee journeys, patient journeys, etc.
  2. 2. up to 80% reduction in processing costs for AI decisions

How do we do this?
We process data at the field level: – want to move fast – don’t move data! – publish and subscribe – can only be done at field level.

The programming world made the move in the 1990s to objects & publish & subscribe.
And when you couple this with the advantages of Pulsar, state-of-the-art data engineering has been redefined.

Our CVX 3 platform now has a complete data engineering solution and all the BI & AI tools you need to make real-time decisions:

CVX Data Editor

   – low code                     – drag-&-drop data editor for legacy, streaming, and IoT telemetry
   – easy to use                 – CVX Data Transformers empower data analysts to prepare data for BI & AI use
   – connects easily           – to your data sources and performs dozens of QA functions in real-time
   – processing costs         – lowered up to 75% to build time series at the field level
   – field-level processing  – source to model-ready datasets – all data handled at the field level
   – publish & subscribe     – the very best method for processing data in real-time – don’t move it!

Real-time decisions

   – one second                  – use up-to-the-second data to generate insights in less than a second, at scale
   – cost of insights             – using Pulsar, processing costs can be reduced up to 80%

AI models

   – you own your models   – all Cerebri AI models you deploy are yours from the first deployment
     – patent rights               – models include rights to use our 26 patents filed globally
   – multi-cloud                   – deploys on Oracle ( OCI ), AWS, Azure, Google ( GCP )

P&L adjudication

   – profits matter                – operations research-driven actions, maximizing P&L & cost constraints

Streaming UX

   – insights & actions         – configurable web UX or APIs for connecting to enterprise applications

Contact us to learn more about using CVX 3 to improve your data engineering process and lower your costs.