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Key Stakeholders: Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Technical Officers, Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Service, Sales Directors and Managers, Marketing Directors and Managers, Service Directors and Managers, Vice President of Analytics, Analytics Directors and Managers, Data Science Directors and Managers

Why It Matters: The modern business world increasingly demands customer journeys to support as-a-Service offerings, the Subscription Economy, and Customer Lifetime Value-based business models that go across sales, marketing, and service. To manage and support these customer journeys, businesses must be able to manage the complexity of the data, metadata, business process definitions, customer journey framework, decision management, predictive analytics, revenue forecasting, and brand management associated with these journeys at an individual customer level.

Top Takeaway: Cerebri AI has developed a solution that manages multiple functional and technical challenges of supporting a “Power of One” vision for managing marketing, sales, and service relationships on an individualized customer basis. By using Cerebri AI, companies can both manage customer relationships at scale and receive guidance for the best potential action or most profitable action at any point within the customer journey.


Cerebri AI is company focused on measuring the financial and business value of customer experience decisions across the entire customer journey through the use of artificial intelligence. By providing this context on an individual basis in real-time across every data-defined behavior and relevant event of the customer journey, Cerebri AI allows companies to make decisions based on the next best action for product, business unit, or brand success.
Cerebri AI supports this granular management of the customer journey through a machine learning platform called Cerebri CX 2.0 that is designed to analyze every transaction in context of a customer’s projected brand commitment and product need across time duration and life events. This modeling capability tracks customers across a wide variety of data sources with the goal of accurately identifying customer needs while maintaining personal privacy and data protection. Amalgam Insights believes that this combination of capabilities makes Cerebri AI a unique solution in managing customers through the Customer Journey and ongoing service lifecycle.