Riding high on the curve of Expectation

Over the years, Gartner made famous its 2×2 matrix Magic Quadrant reports; tracking technology companies and their relative positions in their market segment.  These reports (looked up with fear and/or awe by vendors and customers) only focused on mainstream solutions relatively well established, leaving a gap for new and upcoming tech solutions with tremendous potential but are still too early to land on a quadrant.  Entered the Gartner Hype Cycle curve.  The Hype Cycle was designed to track fast-moving, innovative solutions through a lifecycle measuring, over time,  the expectations of a particular group of technologies.

We have been following the Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing for 3 years and are grateful to be included in BOTH the 2020 and 2021. In 2021, we are amongst a select group of only 4 companies.

You will surely notice in the graph below that Customer Journey Analytics and Real-Time Marketing have progressed well throughout the pandemic, and businesses still have great expectations to understand their customer as part of their strategic growth.  52% of marketers surveyed by Gartner in 2021 were using AI and Machine Learning. 38% are in the planning phases of doing so.  Only 17% had deployed AI across all aspects of their tech stacks, and many struggled to operationalize these technologies.

Gartner’s late 2020 surveys showed that integrating customer data for insights and generating personalized experience was a challenge. BUT, companies that develop a clear strategy for capturing and linking the right data across channels will generate the type of customer journeys enabling the needed cutting edge of customer interactions.

Cerebri AI’s CVX 3 platform is built to handle real-time streaming data and to operationalize the generation of customer journey analytics to power next-generation actions and experiences.

Learn more about how your company can reach the peak of Expectations and transition smoothly to the Plateau of Productivity.  Contact:   james@cerebriai.com   /   www.cerebriai.com



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