The Power of One

A Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog stand and says, “Make me one with everything.”

 What does this classic one-liner have to do with customer success? The answer is found in the fundamental incompatibility of traditional sales and marketing models—top-down funnels—and the best way to build valuable, sustainable customer relationships, which is precisely the opposite: from the ground up, one at a time.

Major enterprises with millions of customers have billions of data points about those customers, but rarely is that data organized into comprehensive and chronological individual journeys. In a typical XL-size company, data sets reside in functional silos that never communicate, so the view of the customer is always dangerously incomplete.

One with everything
Also one with everything

Cerebri AI is an enterprise software company that uses machine learning to power our Cerebri Values product, but we start and finish at the level of the individual customer. We gather data from every corner of an enterprise to build a complete customer journey—one with everything—for millions of individual customers. And no two journeys are alike, as you might expect.

Armed with this ontology, the Cerebri Values approach to customer success is a radical departure from the classic “Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning” marketing model (STP for short).

At Cerebri AI we believe in the power of one, and thanks to advances in artificial intelligence in the last few years we now have the capability to detect patterns of behavior and make predictions about individual customers at scale. When you order Cerebri Values, you get one with everything.