Cerebri AI Aims to Unite the Biggest Trends in Technology to Analyze ‘Vehicle Journeys’ and Yield Powerful Customer Experience Insights

AUSTIN, Texas — October 01, 2018 — Cerebri AI, the creator of the Cerebri Values™ system for customer experience, has joined the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), a peer-to-peer consortium making transportation safer, more affordable, and more widely accessible using blockchain technology. The company, which already maps and measures ‘vehicle journeys’ for millions of automotive customers, leverages advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver insights that personalize a customer’s experience. With the potential to greatly impact the daily transportation and mobility needs of the future, Cerebri AI will collaborate with MOBI working group members to foster blockchain-based standards as a catalyst for innovation across the entire transportation ecosystem.

Cerebri AI has developed a system that analyzes the unique impact of each vehicle journey, an array of vehicle and driver interactions and touchpoints, to arrive at a single metric called a Cerebri Value. This value quantifies, in monetary terms, a range of potential outcomes that mobility industry players can use to ensure businesses and consumers have security and sovereignty over vehicle and driving data, efficiently manage ride-share and car-share transactions, and more easily communicate and transact with each other across mobility commerce platforms. As a universal measure for vehicle makers, infrastructure and service providers, the Cerebri Value highlights ROI-positive tactics for achieving higher profits and better customer satisfaction.

“When it comes to the future of mobility, the output from advanced analytics powered by machine learning is one of the major use cases for blockchain technology,” said Chris Ballinger, CEO and co-founder of MOBI. “Cerebri AI is making incredible progress in using data to advance the automotive industry and we are excited to welcome them as the newest member of the MOBI team.”

Big-name car makers BMW, General Motors, Ford, and Renault are behind the nonprofit MOBI consortium which launched earlier this year. The group focuses exclusively on the automotive space and its potential use cases, and now represents more than 80 percent of global auto manufacturing by volume. As a MOBI sponsor, Cerebri AI joins the organization’s global roster of members alongside stalwarts such as Bosch, World Economic Forum, Blockchain at Berkeley, Hyperledger, IBM and Accenture.

“Verifiable vehicle journeys are critical to building a trusted, intelligent, and shared mobility ecosystem,” said Jean Belanger, CEO and co-founder of Cerebri AI. “AI and blockchain are the two biggest disruptors in technology today. We look forward to working with MOBI members across the mobility value chain to bring these technologies together as we create interoperable, scalable solutions that reimagine the business models of the future.”

About Cerebri AI
Leveraging the massive amounts of customer data recorded by Fortune 500 companies, Cerebri AI delivers actionable insights via its patent-pending Cerebri Values system, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize customer experience (CX) at scale. Cerebri Values quantifies each customer’s commitment to a brand or product and dynamically predicts the next best actions for CX success. Headquartered in Austin with offices in Toronto and Washington, DC, the company has 50 employees who have been awarded over 130 patents to date. To learn more about Cerebri AI and the Cerebri Values system, visit cerebriai.com