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Automating the entire AI process to reduce the time
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Innovators, thinkers, engineers, scientists, economists, and challengers of the status quo. Whether we are debating the use of the Oxford comma, how many significant digits are too many, or the use of data streaming in the application of “real” real-time AI-driven systems, one thing is for sure… we always create the best answer possible, for every customer, every time, because we love what we do.

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We are a team of explorers grounded in common sense and years of practice, comfortable in uncharted territories as well as in corporate boardrooms. We are always looking for smart and creative people to join us on our journey to really, really-change CX.

CEO Speaker Series on Diversity & Inclusion

Few people would disagree with the assertion that diversity and inclusion are major challenges in the technology business today, and yet all too often the issues get marginalized as “something we need to do better” without much, if any effort to actually shift the status quo in a meaningful way.

Cerebri AI’s Co-founder & CEO Jean Belanger decided to try a new approach, not just for our company but for the tech community in general. He initiated a series of interviews with a genuinely diverse group of accomplished leaders which we have converted into podcasts that are freely available to the public.

The series started with Jean sitting down to interview representatives from four major faith traditions in the world today — Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity — with each leader providing an overview of the core tenets of their religion as well as their perspective on respecting and embracing people with different backgrounds and belief systems.

From there, the speaker series expanded to include topics such as race, gender, sexuality and other relevant areas that raise diversity and inclusion issues.

According to Jean, “the questions raised in our podcasts can be taken as a given, or can cause controversy, everyone’s experiences are different. He added, “we technologists created the Internet and gave everyone a voice – we now easily find people with similar experiences and like-minded views, so diversity and inclusion suffer as a result. We hope these podcasts help bridge the gap for all. I will continue to do podcasts as issues arise that need to be addressed working towards our goal of making diversity and inclusion an everyday reality.”

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