Wondering where does Cerebri AI fits in your plan?  Here are some common questions asked by our customers.

We have entered a critical and most exciting phase of digital transformation. IDC predicts that by 2022, 60% of the global GDP will be digitized indicating that growth in every industry will be driven by digitally-enhanced offerings. This clearly indicates digital transformation must be the number one business priority.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of data exchange between customers and companies. With newer technologies and devices, customers are connected to the internet and expect a seamless omnichannel experience. Businesses must cut across traditional silos and offer connected customer experience for profitable growth.

Gartner recently included customer journey analytics in the seven technology adoption curves that are required for the modern enterprise to stay competitive in the global economy. Gartner highlights Cerebri AI as one of the companies bringing customer journey analytics to the mainstream by offering a measurable, unified customer view for the enterprise.

Large enterprise requires a platform approach for driving their customer experience agenda at scale. Cerebri AI offers an enterprise CX solution, Cerebri Values CX v2 (CVX v2), the next generation in customer experience. CVX v2 is a leap forward in applying AI to measure a customer’s commitment towards a brand/product and offer insights by analyzing every customer journey, one per customer, in real-time, and at scale.

CVX v2 measures customer engagement (CE) and uses these CE values to drive financial KPIs, such as personalized cross-sell & up-sell, churn risk detection & prevention.

CVX v2 automates the process from data in-gestation to processing the insights, we call Next Best Action{set}s. These insights are driven by reinforcement learning (RL) modelling methods that time and value up to four events in a sequence, rendering both ‘rules-based’ and ‘AI-lite’ technology obsolete for driving maximum results. Hosted in a private cloud environment on Microsoft Azure (but not restricted to), the platform has a ready to deploy user interface that can integrate via APIs.

We measure CE systematically across all of your customers, unlike NPS which is largely survey-based. We measure this two ways – one we monetize the commitment to your brand/products, the other we score between 0 and 100. These measures are used to drive both CE and financial success and customer success (increased financial results from selling more products and services – such as cross-selling, up-selling, acquiring new customers, etc.). Rising scores and measures raise all revenue “targets” (change in key metrics) that are predicted on actions selected by users from actions recommended by the platform.

Our customers have internal benchmarks they apply to their investments in technology, what we can say is their results have been outstanding. Life on digital marketing campaigns of 5-7x, increases in loan originations leading to over 20,000 new loans booked a year, etc.

We focus on four industry verticals – financial services, automotive, telecom & media and travel & hospitality. Currently, we are working with major banks in Canada and the Middle East, automotive OEMs in Europe, automotive dealer software giants in the US, and leading telecom and media companies in the US. To see our top use cases with current clients, request our product white paper.

Everything that is digitally recorded of the customer’s interactions can be considered. Every company has a treasure trove of data of customer information – ERP transactions, marketing communications, onboard telemetry, voice and text support communications, sensor data, the list is endless. They can also access external data – macroeconomic, social sites, the Internet at large. Our Data Science team will work closely with you to identify and select the relevant data categories that will be useful to run the AI models and meet your overall business objectives.

CVX v2 platform processes a lot of data as part of the orchestration process and typically this data is pushed back to persist in our client’s data infrastructure. This first-party data can be managed directly by Cerebri AI as part of our standard offering or we can communicate directly with an operational data store of your choosing.

Establishing the digital trust is a must-have for this digitizing economy for enterprise to operate at scale. Your data is protected physically and digitally when you entrust it with Cerebri AI. Cerebri AI has no public access websites where our technology is resident.

The responsibilities for national and international regulations are shared between Cerebri AI and the client partner who is using our platform. The client needs to have all legal structures in place to inform their customer reasons for gathering their data, time period of retaining the data and how their data will be used. Cerebri AI ensures the data usage is strictly restricted to the project terms agreed mutually.

We run on the cloud, various cloud platforms are possible including Azure, AWS and GCP. We run behind our customers’ firewalls and as such, we run on their instances in the cloud within strict governmental controls in whatever geography we are operating in.

Our solution runs on Microsoft Azure but we are flexible to run on other cloud or on-premise environments.

The ROI varies as per the business use cases but it will be measured in real-time by the metrics you track and report against your overall business objectives. In our experience, we have delivered 5x to 7x increase in conversion to sales on email, SMS and direct mail campaigns. Our clients have seen a 30% increase in response rates for call center interactions. In financial services, we started with the risk element in customer journeys and increased automated loan origination by $1B/year without a substantial increase in risk.
Through reinforcement learning, we have found just by changing the order and timing of marketing communications can improve car sales by more than 25%, with no change in data, just better analysis with our state-of-the-art AI technology.

Marketing, sales, strategy, CRM, support and finance heads, all can derive immediate value from our solution. Our team works closely with digital marketing leads, data analysts and technologists for gathering data and managing system configurations.

To date, all our customers who have signed up for pilots, and choose to deploy, have done successfully, and we will do everything we can to make sure that continues.

The setup deployment usually takes 60 – 90 days. The time required for data gathering, legal clearances, access to development environments, varies from business to business.

We usually start with a pilot which can up to 12 weeks. Based on the results achieved, the client can decide if they want to proceed to a subscription license.  We only operate behind the customer’s firewall and we retrain the models every quarter at a minimum. Our CVX v2 platform is deployed at a client and is resident in their tenant in the cloud.

Don’t find an answer to your question or you need more information on the possible scope of work/ use cases for your business, please reach out to James Stojanov at james@cerebriai.com.