Introduction to “Answers-as-a-Service”

Every enterprise faces tough questions and difficult choices.
We provide answers & actions needed:

- In customer experience (CX) for retaining + growing top-line revenues, building & deploying customer journeys

- In traveler experience (TX) for managing corporate credit card travel & spend, building & deploying traveler journeys

For CX, retaining customers & growing top-line revenues has never been more important. For TX, corporate travel is back. In 2019, the top 100 corporate travelers spent $32B on travel, and in 2020 only $7B. This means +$25B will flow back into corporate P&Ls, with analytics and cost controls being more important than ever. Companies see an attractive ROI when deploying our TX solutions when they have with at least $5M in travel spend or $2M in air spend, and they need accurate ESG data for their ESG KPIs. ESG KPIs include carbon usage for flights, hotels, and rental cars, and governance issues such as determining locations worked in a month for income tax withholding purposes, etc. TX users usually see: ( i ) an immediate 2-5% reduction in their travel program spend, ( ii ) labor savings by streamlining their analytics and having more accurate travel and other spend data for cost control and program leakage analysis, and ( iii ) better results from personalized trip cost and meeting cost predictions, etc.

We are experts in CX customer churn and dormancy in postpaid + prepaid wireless, automotive, and food services verticals. We are experts in the tough data engineering required for TX in reconciling credit card spend, expense report & TMC data, providing detailed reporting & visibility for key spend & ESG KPIs.

We are not a tools vendor.  We use our CVX 3 AI software to provide answers & actions using a holistic view of customers and travelers. Our low-code CVX Data Editor excels at solving the toughest data engineering problems including building & reconciling both customer & traveler journeys:

-  We do the heavy lifting in data engineering, and provide the best possible data for customer & traveler journeys because:

-  We create one journey for each customer or traveler for one source of truth no matter how many AI models are run;

-  We seamlessly derive from raw customer & traveler data the highly predictive engineered features (math-based variables) selected by data science; and

-  We incorporate all batch, streaming, IoT data in customer & traveler journeys in near real-time.

By combining best-in-class data engineering & AI modeling we believe our analytical results are second to none. To ensure we stay on the cutting edge of CX & TX analytics, we have filed 27 patents to date on our CVX AI platform technology.

We have worked with some of the world’s most important global brands:

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