Mankind’s preference for patterns for enhanced cognition and retention of complex information finds the reasoning in everything. However, our reluctance in investing a great quantity of time as we look for insightful and valuable information has motivated us to take shelter in iconic data visualizations. City metro maps are iconic, calendar views are iconic and so was Mendeleev’s Periodic Table.  

The Periodic table by Dmitry Mendeleev is a marvelous piece of work that helps makes sense of our complex chemical world in a single glance. The sequence of atomic numbers, the periodicity of chemical behaviors, similar and dissimilar groups of elements – the cogent arrangement kindles the thought that everything had a special place and purpose in the grand scheme of the universe, either already found or waiting to be discovered. 

Inspired by the power of patterns and iconic visualizations, together, Max Huang, our Lead Visualization Architect, and Alain Briançon, VP of Data Science have successfully arranged the most frequently referenced methodologies of AI in a similar periodic table of sorts, now designated as Cerebri AI Periodic Table of Data Science” 

Cerebri AI uses richly curated data across a variety of sources at the Enterprise level – sales, support, purchase history, social media – and builds individual comprehensive customer journeys for the millions of enterprise customers, one at a time. They have included the various methodologies of AI such as reinforcement learning and recurrent neural networks that help develop customer journeys with suitable levels of accuracy and precision 

Recognizing the need for a better comprehension of the complex world of Artificial Intelligence by audiences distinct from one another, Max and Alain took the building blocks of AI and pieced them together in this visually organized system. The focus was on “What is one trying to achieve using machine learning?” At Cerebri AI, we use machine learning to build a model that measures and positively impacts a desirable outcome. The three pillars being Build Measure and Lift. 

With this defined goal in mind, the periodic table can be read in blocs of Build, Measure and Lift as one’s eyes scroll from left to right. This sequence corresponds to the intuitive process of building a data model to measure and improve outcomes. 

The arrangement is a confluence of both – Industry standard AI methodologies as well as Cerebri AI’s patented Cerebri Values system.  

Build’, is representative of the methodologies for data preparation and data mining, visually shown by the neon green and sky-blue colors. It also encompasses supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms visually shown by the sea green colored squares at the center of the table. ‘Measure’ is a double-edged sword that is exercised to evaluate both – model performance as well as a specified set of outcomes, seen in cherry red and blush red colors respectively. In this scenario, the outcomes refer to the commonly used metrics for customer experience including Net Promoter Score, CSAT and the like. ‘Lift’ aggregates optimization, shown in peach orange, and recommendation systems, shown in pear green, describing actions that would increase the odds of achieving a desirable reward. 

The bottom of the table, where you would naturally look for lanthanoids and actinoids in Mendeleev’s periodic table, features patented Cerebri Value system metrics for customer experience shown by Cerebri AI purple squares.

The alphabetical order in which the ‘elements’ are organized make the visual not only pleasing to the human eye but also easy on the human mind.  

Every colored square gives critical information in shorthand – an AI Number (a positive integer identifying placement on the table), a symbol and the name of the methodology. One can hover over each square to view a brief description.  

Navigating the artificial intelligence space could be daunting. However, if one were to overlay a perceptive lens to it, as has been accomplished by Max and Alain through the Cerebri Periodic Table of Data Science for building customer journeys, measuring customer experiences and lifting customer success, navigation becomes easy and fun!