August 13, 2022

Cerebri AI launches Corporate Travel & ESG Solutions

Cerebri AI launches Corporate Travel & ESG Solutions

Precise near real-time tracking of travel program costs & ESG metrics, including carbon usage 

AUSTIN, Texas - August 12, 2022 - Cerebri AI, today announced the launch of its next-generation corporate travel solutions - CVX TX & TX ESG. With corporate travel nearing pre-pandemic spending levels, the need for precise tracking of travel program costs and ESG metrics, such as carbon usage, has never been greater.

Cerebri AI uses its CVX AI software platform to track and analyze in near real-time:

( i ) travel program costs:  for near real-time tracking & reconciliation of corporate credit card data, expense report & TMC data that quickly identifies travel program leakage and that also includes a detailed audit trail for all expense items; 

( ii ) trip cost predictions:  available at time of booking and updated in near real-time as travel data works its way through the key credit card, expense report, and TMC data processing systems; and

( iii ) ESG analytics & predictions: for many ESG requirements, including carbon usage for air travel, hotel, vehicle & rail, all available at time of booking for optimized travel decisions.  As travel data flows through the Cerebri AI system, analytical results and predictions are updated in near real-time.

Our new Cerebri AI “TX” solutions focusing on “traveler experience” are a natural outgrowth of our years of providing advanced “customer experience” solutions for global brands, including Ford, Verizon, Mercedes Benz, and Scotiabank. We focus on delivering near real-time answers for tough customer and travel questions. The deep technology expertise incorporated in our TX & TX ESG solutions is evidenced by our team filing 28 patents on our CVX AI platform. Our TX & TX ESG solutions are “SaaS”-based and are available for immediate deployment.

Jean Belanger, Cerebri AI’s co-founder & CEO, said, “We are thrilled to bring our TX & TX ESG solutions to the corporate travel market. We believe our near real-time analytics & predictions set a new standard in helping travel executives manage their travel program spend and how they can easily adapt to new and emerging ESG requirements.”

Leslie Andrews added, “The corporate travel ecosystem is more diverse and complex than ever. Consequently, buyers and practitioners require better analytical tools such as Cerebri AI’s new suite of travel solutions. Most notably, the near real-time performance of these systems will provide traveler behavior insight to assist travel managers and procurement managers in running their programs more seamlessly. With a direct interest in the future of travel practitioners, Leslie was recently announced to serve on the Board of Directors for GBTA Foundation, is one of the Top 50 Women in Travel by GBTA’s WiNiT, and is a Global Category Leader for Travel at JLL.

As corporate travel costs increase pre-pandemic spending levels, the time has never been better analytics to help control program costs. In addition, with the need for more reliable TX ESG data, Cerebri AI has deployed its data engineering and CVX AI platform to generate timely and targeted ESG analytics & predictions. We believe our ESG TX solutions are a winning proposition for environmental targets such as carbon usage, social metrics such as tracking purchases from minority-owned businesses, and governance issues such as tracking employee location for withholding income tax purposes.

We hope to meet as many corporate travel managers as time permits at the GBTA ’22 show beginning in San Diego on August 14, 2022 ( booth 1425 ).    


About Cerebri AI

Cerebri AI develops and sells SaaS-basis, CX, TX & TX ESG solutions to medium- and large-scale enterprises and organizations. Our CVX AI software platform enables near real-time AI-based analytics and predictions across many key CX and TX KPIs and increasingly for TX ESG. Cerebri AI started in 2016, is located in Austin and Toronto, and has worked with many of the world’s leading brands. To learn more about Cerebri AI, visit

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