Cerebri AI


Seamless end-to-end AI platform
From data intake to the deployment of Scores,
Predictions, Next Best Actions, and Offers

Cerebri CVX 3

Imagine the power of a single journey for every customer…
Knowing your customers is the first step to create meaningful customer
experiences that have business impacts.

CVX 3 is an end-to-end data driven CX platform that allows business to create a Single view for each one of its customers. Apply advanced business mapping logic, to help enable processes from Data Engineering, through, Modeling, Adjudication and Execution. Critical KPI’s can be scored in real-time with up to the second data.

CVX Editor

A low-code development system facilitating data engineering activates and accelerating the creation of new engineered features and business logic.

CVX Markup Language

Ease of use and reusability, greatly accelerates data engineering and development while maintaining a high level of quality and consistency.

Transforms Library

Over 30 pre-packaged data engineering & engineered feature transforms required to obtain best-in-class AI modeling results quickly.

AI Modeling

Streamline the production of AI insights enabling a wide range of internal and external models and modeling techniques to work together from ML to RL to DNNs.

AI Software Pipeline

From intaking data to integrating AI-based insights to the relevant corporate systems, there are no gaps for near real-time performance end to end.


Microservices based UX allows insights to be displayed in a best in class user interface or made available to corporate systems through an API interface.