CVX v3 Platform

Why Cerebri AI, Why Now?
Over the past 20 years, the adoption of eCommerce, online banking, social media, and mobility have added a considerable amount of complexity to understanding customer sentiment, behavior, and intent. Add on top fierce competitive forces and market disruptors, and knowing your customer has never been more critical.

How do you understand, grow and keep your customers engaged with your brand and products?

The CVX Platform
CVX v3 maximizes customer engagement & revenue in digital commerce using up-to-the-second streaming data to score key performance indicators and next-best-actions, creating results when they matter most in less than one second. We do this using the following:

  • CVX Editor
    A low-code development system automating data engineering activities and the creation of new engineered features. In a few mouse clicks, enable publish/subscribe transforms.
  • AI Markup Language
    Ease of use and reusability, greatly accelerates data engineering and development while maintaining a high level of quality and consistency.
  • Transform Library
    Over 30 pre-packaged data engineering & engineered feature transforms required to obtain best-in-class AI modeling results. Transforms written in Scala.