Cerebri Values CVX

Measure and lift your KPIs for customer success

Cerebri AI personalizes the enterprise by combining the power of machine learning and cloud computing to monetize brand commitment for financial results.

Our platform, Cerebri Values CX ( CVX ) analyzes every customer journey, one per customer, cutting across the traditional customer silos – sales, marketing, support. It measures customer engagement and uses these engagement values to drive financial results – up-selling, cross-selling, managing churn and risk etc. The platform automates the process from data ingestion to the insights, called the Next Best Action{set}s.

Why CVX Platform


Drive customer engagement and sales at the same time without compromising on any one of them.

Cerebri Values

Cerebri Values

Unlike standalone Net promoter score, Cerebri Values is a measurement of customer engagement used to predict financial success.

Next Best Action{set}s

Compound NBA{set}s

Get up to 4 Next Best Action{set}s, timed & sequenced to generate superior alternatives for your customers.

Cerebri Values CX v2

Concurrent KPIs

Up-selling, cross-selling, managing churn & risk - now evaluate the impact of NBA{set}s across all your customer KPIs in real-time.

Cerebri Values CX v2


Ready to deploy, complete UX solution for managing the customer journeys via APIs.

Cerebri Values CX v2

Object-Oriented AI

Driven by object-oriented AI and reinforcement learning modelling methods for faster deployment, scalability and higher reliability.

Cerebri Values CX v2

Automated AI Pipeline

Using the customer data & external data, we are ready to deploy in 90 days using our end-to-end automated pipeline.

Cerebri Values CX v2

Patents Portfolio

We have brought innovation from data to decision in a highly automated system - 24 patents filed and counting.

Work With Us

At Cerebri AI, we are a team of explorers grounded in common science and years of practice, comfortable in uncharted territories as well as in corporate boardrooms. We are always looking for smart and creative people to join us on our journey.

CEO Speaker Series on Diversity & Inclusion

Few people would disagree with the assertion that diversity and inclusion are major challenges in the technology business today, and yet all too often the issues get marginalized as “something we need to do better” without much, if any effort to actually shift the status quo in a meaningful way. Cerebri AI’s Co-founder & CEO Jean Belanger decided to try a new approach, not just for our company but for the tech community in general. He initiated a series of interviews with a genuinely diverse group of accomplished leaders which we have converted into podcasts that are freely available to the public.

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