Cerebri AIQ

Cerebri AIQ is a results-oriented AI company focused on generating high-quality analytics and metrics producing an immediate impact – both financially and operationally.

We are an enterprise AI company as our SaaS-based software is used by enterprises of all sizes.

Our core market uses the Cerebri AIQ data engineering and AI software platform to generate insights and analytics with difficult data sets.

Our work in business travel exemplifies this as enhancing, QA’ing and reconciling business travel datasets, on a global basis, creating one source of truth, the answer to a problem that has challenged the travel and meetings market for decades.

Cerebri AIQ is a fully automated, end-to-end data-engineering and AI-modeling platform

We take in data however it is available, from streaming via APIs to batch to the most basic FTP protocols, then process this data while generating the engineered features needed for AI or BI modeling.

Our insights & analytics are presented in easy to configure (< 5 minutes) dashboards that include reporting, AI & BI Modeling results and user defined  dashboards.

We focus on business travel & meetings and other enterprise areas where datasets are especially difficult to QA and reconcile

Business travel & meetings datasets originate from, and reside in, a number of different vendors and must be quality assured, consolidated and reconciled; the result can then be used to provide business travel and procurement managers with meaningful insights and analytics to manage this important spend category that will represent over $1.4 trillion dollars globally in 2024.

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