Our Value Proposition


Any corporation or organization with annualized travel & meetings spend greater than US $500,000 / €465,000.

Problems Solved


Creating "one source of truth," for global travel & meetings data including a company’s card, expense, and TMC data; their meetings data; and other relevant data sources, both internal and external


Using our Cerebri AIQ data engineering technology, we enhance, QA and reconcile travel & meetings data, bringing all travel & meetings data up to financial statement data quality & trust levels


Using trust-worthy travel & meetings data, we build & track hundreds of best-in-class reporting, BI & AI model-based analytics and metrics in near real-time


More than ever, we are concerned about the well-being of our planet. The primary focus today is on CO2 emissions and business travel has a role to play in reducing emissions. The bulk of corporate emissions ( up to 80-90% for most business trips ) are due to air travel. We provide CO2 emissions data pre-trip to help travelers chose better flight options. We also provide post-trip calculations taking into account all booking changes and cancellations.

Wellness & DEI

The most important overall critical factor for success in business is the quality of your people. Staff retention is more important than ever and corporate travel has a major impact on employee satisfaction – We track dozens of metrics for Road Warriors and other metrics that are early indicators of possible stress.Our customers believe diversity helps them be more successful in the short-term and long-term. We help our them track travel spend with minority, female and veteran-owned businesses.

Financial Impact

Meeting challenges of the post-covid focus on T&M spend with a minimum 5% reduction in annual T&M spend.


Meeting head-on the increasing reporting requirements for a diverse set of ESG & DEI reporting requirements.

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