AI & Business Travel

In Q4, 2023 we asked 40 business travel managers responsible for over $2 billion in corporate travel & meetings spend

“Do you trust your travel data?” - Over 85% said no

The reason we focus heavily on business travel & meetings is to eliminate this problem using Cerebri AIQ data engineering and AI modeling platform.

So finally, we have rock solid data, travel managers can not only use, but do so on a near real-time basis. As the data gets updated, so do the insights and analytics we produce.

The future of business travel is coming into focus

The future of business travel is coming into focus. With the advent of NDC fares and other booking sources, business travel & meetings is in a major technical discontinuity.

Generative AI threatens to completely transform how travel is booked, be it online or through TMC staff, etc.

Traveler preferences must be considered before a trip is booked versus the current time-consuming trial and error process used today.

These traveler preferences must be based on prior historical travel data for each team member that is a “customer” of the corporate travel & meetings programs corporations deploy.

In addition to travel & meetings analytics, Cerebri AI provides a bespoke service in customer experience working with some of the world's major brands including Mercedes Benz, Verizon, Ford and others.
CX and travel are similar problems, both featuring very difficult data engineering to be solved before AI can work its' magic.

CX is all about predicting customer behavior, establishing preferences and deciding on next best actions, customer by customer. All with one goal in mind - maximizing corporate and customer objectives. Travel and meetings is increasingly trending in the same direction. Establishing traveler preferences within corporate policy and determining next best actions, such as itineraries with the aid of AI is in the future of travel.

Overall, we see the business travel sector moving to a very intensive AI-based workflow where automation will drastically increase productivity and overall satisfaction with travel and meetings.

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