Cerebri AI is a data science company with a difference. We use our powerful Cerebri AIQ data engineering and AI modeling software platform to deliver best-in-class insights, especially where difficult datasets have defeated previous attempts at using AI modeling.

We can enhance, QA and reconcile the most difficult datasets in near realtime. We focus on business travel and meetings analytics for enterprise customers.

Since startup in 2016, we have also offered a bespoke service for customers needing AI modeling where data quality is a serious issue.

How do we recruit? We hire people, we don’t fill jobs. We look for outstanding people. Job experience is an asset, but not necessary. We are a career building company.

We look for achievement, in your academic career, in your employment history, and we look for any hardships you overcame in getting where you are today. We have AI labs in Austin and Toronto, and a software team based in Virginia Beach VA. Working remotely is possible.

Come and join us, send us an email at:

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