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We are a team of explorers grounded in common sense and years of practice, comfortable in uncharted territories as well as in corporate boardrooms. We are looking for smart and creative people to join us on our journey in data science and digital decisions.

Open Positions

Data Scientists:

We are looking for the best data scientists.  You can be a graduate in any STEM discipline where you have used machine learning or other AI techniques to solve significant problems.  Ideally you have a Masters or PhD degree in machine learning, mathematics, applied statistics, operations research, data mining, physics, or a related quantitative discipline. Regardless of academic training you should have a deep understanding of statistics and the mathematics behind machine learning models.  Any experience with supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised ( reinforcement learning ) and deep learning modeling is a big asset.  Since we answer tough questions for the global brands that use our technology, you will be challenged to create new metrics and scores that respond directly to their issues.  You will be expected to participate in everything from EDA to model building to presenting results to clients and their senior leadership.  We use Scala, Spark, Python, TensorFlow, and Keras.  Tools we use include Bit Bucket, Jupyter notebooks, Confluence, and JIRA.  We run on four clouds: AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI. Depending on qualifications and work experience you will report in to either one of our Sr. Data Science Directors, or our CTO.

Software Developers:

We are looking for the best software developers.  You would usually be a graduate in a STEM discipline, especially computer science or electrical engineering.  Candidates with more modest work experience will see a strong emphasis on developing software.  What makes working on software at Cerebri AI extremely challenging is we have built a software pipeline architecture that moves data from source systems to AI-actions in near real-time and in a highly automated system.  You will work with DevOps to ensure continuous integration and delivery, with data scientists to build and improve on our model components and pipelines, and you will work on building and improving our APIs and components.  You will have experience, with modern languages such as Scala, Kotlin, Java, or C#, and with structured query languages ( SQL ) including HQL and PL/SQL.  Concepts that are a major focus at Cerebri AI include: distributed systems, data streaming, real-time analytics, containerization and orchestration, cloud native development, and microservices.  We work with some of the world’s most important global brands, and as such, the ideal candidate must be comfortable working with a wide range of stakeholders and functional teams.  Depending on qualifications and work experience you will report in to either our Sr. Director or VP of Software.  

Our Team

Innovators, engineers, data scientists, challengers of the status quo, we are hyper-focused on only one objective: answering the toughest customer questions by providing best possible answers, for every customer, every time.

Jean Belanger
Co-founder / CEO
Ben Ashtiani, PhD
Jonathon Whitney
Steven Harter
Bruce Kopkin
Eyad Khalifah, PhD

About Cerebri AI Inc:

Cerebri AI is a data science company with a difference. We built our powerful CVX 3 AI software platform, not to sell, but to use in providing our customers with answers & actions for their toughest questions. Our target markets are time-series datasets – with a focus on customer experience (CX), traveler experience (TX), and increasingly ESG data. Solving tough questions in weeks not months generates massive payback for our users.  We call what we provide “Answers-as-a-Service.” We work in well-known industry verticals such as automotive, financial services, and telecom verticals. We also work in other verticals that require AI-based solutions such as food manufacturing. We work on both B2C and B2B, different data sets, and usually on technical issues involving: propensity, affinity, engagement and actions. We build journeys on projects in the US, Canada, the UK and the Middle East. Five steps are required to produce best-in-class digital decisions using AI:

( i)  data engineering,
( ii )  engineered features,
( iii )  scoring KPI targets,
( iv )  scoring actions, and
( v )  adjudicating results for maximum P&L impact.

We built our CVX 3 platform to make it easier for data scientists to focus on the science of AI modeling and lesson data engineering.

We made it easier than ever to do data engineering, but we did not cut any corners. Our CVX 3 AI platform operates in near real-time, it handles all manner of IT data, and IoT telemetry data, structured and un-structured, batch and real-time. We use a variety of techniques to solve the tough questions we tackle from machine learning to reinforcement learning and deep neural networks. Our users take advantage of the tremendous flexibility in customizing their dashboards using our “Answer-the-Question” (ATQ) UX framework. We have invested 6 ½ years in developing our ability to answer the toughest questions for our customers, with speed. Our sales pipeline is growing, and we need to hire data scientists and AI software developers. How do we recruit? We hire people, we don’t fill jobs. We look for outstanding people. Job experience is an asset, but not necessary. Once we select you, we assign work to best fit your skills and career ambitions. We move work around as required to bring in the very best data scientists and engineers regardless of experience. We are a career-building company. You will be encouraged to take on big challenges and you will be given every possible help to achieve these big goals. We look for achievement, in your academic career, in your employment history, and we look for any hardships you overcame in getting where you are today. We have labs in Austin and Toronto, working remotely is possible. Come and join us, working on state-of-the-art technology is fun and rewarding as well.

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