Cerebri AIQ

Cerebri AIQ provides near real-time 360º views on a global basis of all business travel & meetings (“T&M”) program spending, one of the toughest data reconciliation challenges in enterprise computing given all of the major T&M datasets (cards, expense and TMC data) are located outside of the enterprise.

Add in the challenges of dealing with new “direct-to-vendor” NDC fares, and new DEI & ESG reporting requirements, more than ever before, advanced AI modeling and state-of-the-art data science are needed to help manage T&M program spending.

Transitioning business travel & meetings spend management into a more post-covid travel spend awareness mode requires more analysis than ever before, and new advanced metrics.

AI is on everyone’s agenda today but managing corporate travel & meetings spend has always been hindered in adopting advanced analytics by its lack of consistent and trustworthy data.

Cerebri AIQ has been developed over the past eight years to provide for the highest level of trust

Travel and meetings data processed with Cerebri AIQ platform is considered equal in accuracy and quality to financial statement data.

Once trust in travel and meetings data is established, then endless best in-class analytics & metrics are possible.

Cerebri AIQ Feature Set

Cerebri AIQ provides for hundreds of analytics and metrics across 16 modules & 15 dimensions as outlined below

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