Problems We Solve


Companies & organizations with sizable travel & meetings spend face many challenges, especially operating travel on a global basis using multiple TMC, card and expense tools as required.



Fully reconciled data from all sources with audit trail down to source transactions across all vendors, all geographies.


Accurals for all trip costs enabling near real-time tracking of budgeted travel costs vs. actual costs incurred.


Leakage of credit & virtual card rebates due to non-use of these cards in paying for travel.


Accounting for travel across all booking sites vs. contracted rates with air, hotel and ground vendors. Discrepancies in fares, etc., ideal data for RFP negotiations.


Leakage for travel across all booking sites vs. TMC.


Integration of meetings and travel spend for complete spend analysis across all analytics for bookings, registrations, attendance, etc


CO2 for air travel – complete pre-trip predictions & post-trip verification of emissions, and fast, accurate data for carbon offet use, etc.

DEI / Wellness

Measure – and track the impact of havy travel commitments on team members. Given vendor profiles track minority business spend in travel, etc.


Internal spend averages by type and role? With this, policies can be optimized, outliers can be managed and overall spend can be reduced.

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